ATM.mini: Highest precision, smallest possible design 

In the ATM.mini, STS is bringing to the market an innovative pressure transmitter for demanding tasks in Test & Measurement applications. This new precision pressure transmitter packs the most modern technology within a highly-rugged miniature housing. Developers in the car industry, aviation and engineering will thus be receiving a high-precision measurement instrument, which, at only 40 grams in weight and a size of just 19 x 50 millimeters, holds great promise for new application options. The intent is that mounting, even upon small and twisty components, no longer becomes an issue.

But not only its dimensions are persuasive. The technical data also does justice to the highest of requirements. The ATM.mini reliably displays pressure ranges from 0 ...1 bar to 0 ... 100 bar, with a measuring accuracy of 0.5% total error band, and does so over a temperature range spanning -40 to 125° Celsius. It is upon this precision that developers can also rely, even under longer-term testing conditions.

One further advantage lies in its break from media incompatibility. The measuring cell and pressure port, like other pressure transmitters of the ATM family, are welded together.  Through this elastomer-free option on sealing, its deployment in aggressive media, such as diesel or gasoline, becomes possible without any further ado. 

Miniature pressure sensor ATM.mini

Adapting to your needs

Like other products from STS, the ATM.mini was also developed on the principle of modularity. It is from this approach that users will enjoy the maximum of flexibility. Customers can freely select from seven different process connections as well as three different electrical connections. When it comes to output signal, the choice rests between current- (4 - 20 mA ) and voltage signal (0.5- 4.5 VDC). Users thus receive a pressure transmitter that will conform totally to their requirements. Upon request, fully individualized solutions are also possible.

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Miniature pressure transmitter ATM.mini

Your advantages:

  • pressure measurement range from 0...1 bar to 0...100 bar

  • outstanding accuracy of 0.1% FS

  • compact design of outer dimension 19 x 50 millimeters

  • highest precision over the entire temperature range - 0,5% TEB

  • compensated temperature range from -40 to 125°C

  • no media incompatibility issues due to welded pressure port

  • individually adaptable solutions through modular construction

 Which sensor is the right one for  you?  Our infographic will assist  further: 

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